Bachelor's Degree in Youth & Family Ministry

The faculty members of the Department of Missions and Ministry at Cumberlands are dedicated to providing the best possible training to students interested in earning their bachelor’s degree in youth and family ministry. Experienced ministers and accomplished scholars, they will guide you as you develop the skills to mature in your Christian faith and commitment and to minister for Christ in the 21st century. As a youth ministry major, you will hone your skills and develop strategies for serving Christ in the United States and around the world through evangelism; church planting; discipleship; and personal, compassionate ministry to all people.

Whether you plan to pursue a seminary degree immediately after completing your youth ministry degree or move directly into Christian ministry, UC’s program will prepare you to take your place in Christian service. You can earn a B.S. in one of five majors (Missions, Church Planting, Youth and Family Ministry, Christian Studies, or Christian Ministries) or you can earn a B.A. by studying a biblical or modern foreign language in addition to your major. Minors are available in Missions, Church Planting, Youth and Family Ministry, and Missions and Ministry.

What Can I Do With This Family and Youth Ministry Degree?

As a youth ministry major, you can prepare to serve in Christian missions around the world. Some minister in nations taking the Gospel to people who have never heard it. Some serve in local churches as pastors, youth ministers, children's ministers, worship ministers or in other capacities. Some who earn their degree give back by planting churches and reaching and discipling people other churches are not able to reach. Still others minister through national organizations like Fellowship of Christian Athletes or through denominational agencies like the Kentucky Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention. Serving God might take you anywhere, and by earning your bachelor’s degree in youth and family ministry, we can help you follow God's call!