English Education (Secondary Certification)

Whatever your career goals, a major in English at Cumberlands will provide an excellent foundation for your future. As an English major, you will have the opportunity to study with outstanding faculty members, many of whom are published writers, as you become familiar with a broad range of Western authors, works and literary concepts and as you develop your reading and writing skills and appreciation.

You will learn to explore the connections of literature with history, philosophy, fine arts, religion and other academic disciplines as you develop stronger critical thinking skills. Truly caring faculty members will help to nurture your appreciation of literature and language, to broaden your cultural consciousness, deepen your person self-awareness and to clarify your professional aspiration.

As an English major, you will benefit from first-rate facilities and support services, including a laboratory for computer-assisted instruction in writing, a fully staffed writing center and an excellent, user-friendly library.

What Can I Do With This Degree?

You may ask, “So, now what can I do with my English major?”                          

  • Teach
  • Edit
  • Write
  • Government Service
  • Missionary Work
  • Seminary
  • Law
  • Private Business
  • Public Relations

The answer: almost anything. It's all up to you!