Biblical Languages

As a student in pursuit of a minor in Biblical languages, you will develop grammar, translation and interpretation skill in Biblical Greek and Biblical Hebrew. The faculty of the Department of Missions and Ministry at University of the Cumberlands is dedicated to providing the best possible training to students interested in church-related ministry.

Experienced ministers and accomplished scholars, they will guide you as you develop the skills to understand and apply the Bible’s languages to create accurate translations of Biblical material, and they will help you learn to apply those skills to interpret and understand Biblical texts.

In addition to their teaching, professors in the department continue in active ministry as they serve as interim and guest pastors in area churches, teach Sunday school and conduct seminars.

Completion of the minor in Biblical languages will help you become a stronger Bible scholar, well prepared for the challenges and joys of a career in the ministry provide a valuable foundation for continued studies in the field of archeology or anthropology.


What Can I Do With This Degree?

When most people think about what they can do with a religion degree, they think of serving in a local church as pastor, youth minister, children’s minister, or in some other capacity. You can do all those things with a religion degree, but other options are open to you as well. Our graduates serve as missionaries in the United States and in other nations. Others minister with national organizations like Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Still others work for denominational agencies like the Kentucky Baptist Convention or the Southern Baptist Convention and others teach in Christian universities and seminaries. If after graduation you want to earn a graduate degree, our online Master of Arts in Christian Studies might be just what you are looking  for! Our religion program helps you prepare to minister as God has called you.