Art Education (Teacher Certification)

As an art education major at University of the Cumberlands, you will earn a solid art education built on a quality liberal arts foundation. From the traditional to the innovative, you will challenge yourself with media and technique as you work with faculty members who are accomplished artists in their own right.

Not only will you enjoy a challenging curriculum that includes study in a broad range of media as well as art history, you also will experience exposure to diverse artists and media through access to the University’s own collection and through organized trips to art museums in nearby cities like Louisville, Cincinnati and Knoxville.

The faculty members will encourage you to view yourself as a working artist and to present your best pieces for exhibition. Work by University of the Cumberlands faculty and students has been featured in solo and group exhibitions and has been reviewed in a variety of newspapers, magazines, and catalogues.

When you complete your teacher certification in art education with P-12 certification, you will be well-prepared for art-related graduate studies or for your career in teaching or any field where your talent and skills can be fully utilized.

What Can I Do With This Degree?

Some students of art education certification plan to dedicate their careers to producing, exhibiting, and selling their work, often furthering their formal instruction by pursuing graduate degrees such as an M.F.A. Careers in art education are diverse and many prepare to specialize in teaching art, while others benefit from their liberal arts training through careers in graphic design, advertising, illustration, or art therapy.